Ethos & Origins

of trail building & riding on Mt. Tzouhalem

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Hi!  My name is Matt Grossnickle and I am the President of the Cowichan Trail Stewardship Society.

100% of your donations will help build and maintain the local trail networks.

The Founders Q & A

I rode and trained with guys who rode for a living and had sponsors, but I still had a job to go to. I was an ambassador for Experience Cycling. Now I’m connected to Cycletherapy.

I was the Canadian National Cyclocross champion in the Master B category in 2006. I also won 6 stages out of 7 in the BC Bike Race with my partner, Norm. We were in the Open Men Category. We rode from Vancouver, to Vancouver Island, to Sechelt, then Powell River, until finally Whistler. It’s a 7 day race.

I also won the BC Master Provincials Championship for Road Racing 2 years ago.

Every time I fly. 40,000ft.

I just took K.O.M of Full Finality.

Company and food. And music, such as British punk from the 70s…or heavy metal.

Fishbone – Everyday Sunshine OR The Ramones – What A Wonderful World. I love the guitar riff and the lyrics.

Trek Top Fuel 9.9

They’re all my favourite. Every trail provides a piece of enjoyment and something unique. Rocky Ridge, Mt. Tzouhalem is a top contender, though.



My dad, always. I’ve always had industry deals but mostly I rode for Rocky Mountain. I’ve been an ambassador for Gravity MTB Vancouver Island.
I won a few big motocross races when I was a teenager, but on a mountain bike it would be the BC Championships at Mount Washington in 2008, master’s expert.

If the moto counts, well over 100 feet.

Around 100 miles
Most of my K.O.M’s have been stolen by children, and my virtual trophy case is nearly bare. I don’t like to use the age filter, but I think I still got the top hat in Cumberland

2021 Rocky Mountain Altitude c-90 Rally Edition
Marin Cortina Pro CX Bike

None. We were criminals, man. “Trespassers keep out” signs meant nothing to us back in the day.
I don’t really have one. But! Many a day after a ride, I’d go through the drive-thru to get tacos. On my bike, of course. The girls at the window would recognize me every time.
The one you have on camera, where I broke my shoulder. That’s my biggest air.

I wasn’t on a mountain bike, it was on a snowboard, but Blackcomb Glacier. It was seriously a once in a lifetime experience. The weather was terrible, the glacier closed. I was up there with a friend and his son. We made it up to the t-bar, and the guy at the lift told us we couldn’t go any further. My friend’s son asked where the glacier was (you couldn’t see anything because of the weather). So I took them to the Blackcomb sign, and we eventually made our way to the wind-lip. We walked for quite some time, boards under our arms, and then suddenly the sky went blue and the sun shone clear over the rocks. No one else was in sight. 

I told them to boot up and to follow me. We boarded down the glacier, the snow so deep that if we had stopped or gone too slow, we would have been buried. Not a single other soul was around but us.

When we reached the road, the weather blew back in. It was unbelievable. I don’t know of anyone else who has experienced such a thing.

Noo, I’m not king of anything. I’m a much better snowboarder than a mountain biker. That’s why I build trails. But on a board, I do great. I’m pushing 60, I’m on blood pressure meds, but I can still out-ride the guys I ride with.
Santa Cruz HighTower C
I would probably make sure I have some cyanide pills. I’ve lived on a deserted island most of my life. I’ve always had cyanide pills at the ready.



Initially it was Trials Riding through Iguana Cycles, then a mix of Copper Canyon Cycles in Duncan (which no longer exists) and Experience Cycling. 

I was an ambassador for Well Thought Trail Building, but no one in particular these days

My best race result was beating all of my close friends at a Mount Prevost downhill race. Haha! I also won some first places in trials competitions, pro and expert
Crabapple hits in Whistler and a big 20×20 footstep down in Parksville
The Downieville single-speed classic in Downieville, California. It’s a 45-mile single-speed race. That, or the massive hike-and-bike in the Kawika Range in New Zealand. I don’t know the distance, but it was a two-day, full-on alpine adventure.
The sweet sound of snow falling. Really does it for me. No music at all, just straight up silence in the snow. Or a clean 2-meter wave peeling.
Rocky Mountain Maiden Devinci Spartan Surly Fat Bike
Used to be Patchwork to Daisy, but Double D is really fun, as is Loam Line.